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Darin Brown

Outreach Pastor

  • Where did you grow up? Crocker, Missouri
  • How did you become a part of JC? I helped plant JC with Mark in the Summer of 2001.
  • Favorite book(s)? Dangerous Wonder
  • What’s on your iPod? I’m all over the place. I’m returning to my country music roots but still love Daughtry and Life House and stuff like that. I really like Switchfoot and 10th Avenue North… (See? - I can’t make up my mind!)
  • Favorite vacation spot? I LOVE the OUTER Banks! If you have a house there please be my friend!
  • Favorite food(s)? Steak and fries and I love Mexican food
  • Favorite pastime(s)? I like playing basketball and watching NFL
  • Favorite movie tagline? “Keep the change you filthy animal!" from “Home Alone"
  • Favorite TV show? CMT Country Music countdown and Sportscenter.  I used to Like “Lost” but then I got “Lost”!
  • Favorite pro/college sports team(s)? St. Louis Cardinals
  • Who’s your hero? My mom
  • What is one unique fact about you? I’ve had the unique honor to talk about Jesus in lots of cool places and met some really awesome people along the way
  • If you could travel anywhere in the world, where would you go? I think God might be calling me to mission work in Hawaii.