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Barbara Wilkinson

Community & Children's Pastor

  • Where did you grow up?  Zimbabwe, Africa; New Zealand & USA
  • How did you become a part of JC? I was part of the original church planting team.  
  • Favorite book(s)?  The Shack; Poisonwood Bible; Kite Runner; The Story we Find Ourselves In  
  • What’s on your iPod?  Nora Jones, Jazz … music my kids like  
  • Favorite vacation spot?  Beach, more beaches, I love the beach!  
  • Favorite food(s)?  French, Italian, Japanese, Indian, My Mom’s cooking  
  • Favorite pastime(s)? Playtime – games, reading  
  • Favorite TV show?  “24”  
  • Favorite pro/college sports team(s)?  I am loyal to teams where I live and have lived!  
  • Who’s your hero?  Dad & Mom  
  • What is one unique fact about yourself?  I have been stung by a scorpion, milked cows, and I love roller coasters!  
  • If you could travel anywhere in the world, where would you go?  As a child, I traveled around the world and would love to do it again!  And I love Paris!